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The Dental Department currently has 51 employees distributed between medical and administrative staff. It includes the following:
the Chief of Department,

  • (21) dentists,

  • (1) senior dental assistant

  • (10) dental assistant

  • (4) dental nurse

  • (3) oral hygienist,

  • (3) dental technicians

  • (1) medical secretary,

  • (1) CSSD staff

  • (3) receptionists

  • (3) medical filing clerks

  • (1) administrative supervisor

  • (1) Housekeeping.

We have specialties as Pedodontist, Orthodontist, Endodontist, and Maxillofacial beside the General Practitioners. We both have male and female dentists.



In this decade, the application of new knowledge and information will be the means by which the quality and effectiveness of treatment will be enhanced. The appropriate application of new knowledge and information will depend to some extent on each dentist's commitment to ongoing improvement of his or her clinical skills for the benefit of the patient. Generally, the clinical excellence today depends upon a commitment to life-long learning, maybe in an accurate determination; it is the result of synthesis of scientific knowledge, clinical experience, institution, and common sense.




The average number of patients seen per month is nearly 3,000 patients. We can treat medically compromised patients and in-patients in the general operating room. In the same time, our service covers emergency cases 24 hours.

Further, telephonic appointments are made for each patient every morning on first come first serve basis to be seen next day on scheduled time. Failure to show on the appointment will give chance to other emergency patients from waiting lounge.





We have fully equipped dental unit and instruments for most of the dental fields to raise the quality of service in the department. Also, we have regular x-rays, Panoramic, Cephalometric dental x-rays, aside from the digital x-rays (Visualix) which is considered the most recent equipment used in the decade. In addition, the protaper system, this is considered the most recent used equipment for endodontics. The dental department has fully equipped dental laboratory with equipments that can fabricate pedo, ortho, removable, and fixed appliance. Besides the fully equipped medical room, there are many administrative offices for the employees and separate rooms used as offices for the dentist and administrative staff. There are also separate rooms as the isolation room for the patients with infectious diseases. In addition, there are separate tearoom and waiting areas for both male and female.

Further, a new building of Dental Department is undergoing and to be finished shortly and it will be more sophisticated equipment and state of era building.















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