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Some of the low frequency ordered lab tests; Chromosomal study and metabolic screening are sent to the MSD referral lab in PSMMC and King Fasial Hospital.

The laboratory works for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is to serve in-patients, out-patient and emergency services.

The department actively participates in External Quality assurance.

Schemes and adherences strictly to International Safety Regulations for both staff and patients.         




The Northern Area Armed Hospital s, Laboratory (NAAFH) is one of fully automated laboratories of MSD. The running regulation in NAAFH Lab is that of MSD.
The main laboratory located at the level 0 while ED lab and two collection areas located at level 1 in addition to laboratory for Hafar Al batin Clinic.
Two specimen collection areas; one for male and one for female which receive the patient from 7 am up to 3 30 pm from Sunday to Thursday using electronic request.
The main Lab. is divided into different sections based on the delicate specialty.
The Lab department offers diagnostic services in all the disciplines of pathology; Clinical chemistry and toxicology, Haematology/ Coagulation, Serology and Hormones, Microbiology, Clinical Microscopy (Urine analysis , Parasitology), Histopathology and Cytology, Molecular Biology, Preventive Medicine Lab and Transfusion Science.
Each section/discipline is equipped with the latest state-of-art analyzer and instrument and linked to laboratory information system (LIS) which liked to Hospital information system (HIS):
Roche Cobas 6000 C501, Abbott Architect plus C4000, Ortho vitros 5600, Dimension RXL for clinical chemistry
Viva and Cobas Intergra 400 for Toxicology
Advia 2120i and cell-dyn Rubym 3500 and 3700 for haematology
Dade BCS for coagulation studies
Abbott Architect plus1000SR, Roche Cobas 6000 e601, immunolite 2000 xpi, Dade NBP100, Dade BEP 2000 and Victor 2D for new born screening test in Immunology/Serology and Hormone section
Dade Microscan Walkway 96 plus, Bactec 9240, Bactec MGIT and Clinitec Advantus for Microbiology
Histopathology department is well equipped and automated with most recent update instrument with Cryostat for Frozen section in OR and Fine Needle aspiration. Also the Histopathology Lab is linked to PSMMC and other MSD Hospitals through telemedicine technology.
Roche Cobas Taq Man 48 for diagnostic PCR and NAT Cobas Ampliprep/Taqman for screening of Blood unit.

-       Each of these sections has its routine (daily act), Time Scheduled routine and special test for rare assays.

-       The routine test processed completely with its results released after verification to electronic file of the patient at the same moment of the same day.

-       The time Scheduled routine; hormones, vitamins, hepatitis markers, tumor markers, hemoglobin electrophoresis is processed and released to electronic file of the patient on the same day of the time schedule.

-       The special tests are performed for certain patients; drug assays, Cystatin C, special stool assays. It is done as an outcome of conversion between the medical staff and laboratory consultant and on requisition.



The department offers diagnostic services in all the disciplines of pathology – clinical chemistry, haematology /coagulation,

Transfusion science, Microbiology/parasitology, lmmunology and Histopathology.

Each section/discipline is equipped with the latest state-of –the-art Analysers and instruments: 

Ortho viros 250, Dimension RXL and XPAND for clinical chemistry

Advia 120 and cell-Dyn 3500 and 3700 for Haemtology

Dade BCT for coagulation studies

Abbott lmx and Axsym , Dade's BEP 2000 for lmmunology/ serology

Dade's Microscan walkaway , Bactec 9050 and clinitec 500 for Microbiology.
Histopathology department is linked to RKH and other MSD Hospitals through Telemedicine technology.

The department actively participates in External Quality Assurance

Schemes and adheres strictly to International safety regulations for both staff and patients.




















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