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Nursing represents 28.4% from the total workforce at any Hospital. It is considered as the cornerstone for medical service. Shortage of Nursing is a world wide problem, and in Saudi Arabia nursing workforce represents only 20% of the actual nursing manpower needed.

Therefore the MSD adopted a new project to establish 6 nursing Institutes at 6 different MSD Hospitals in order to train the Saudi girls on nursing profession, one of these Hospitals is the Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital.


Academic Affairs

Nursing Services



King Khalid Military City Hospital (KKMCH), Level 3, Unit C.


Period of Study

Two and half years (30 months) period. 



After successfully completing the course of study, the student will be granted the nursing Diploma, and the certificate will be duly signed by the Program Director of the Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital and MSD Director General.


Sections of the Institute

The Institute is a spacious area comprising of the following facilities: 


Biological Museum

Containing models and charts necessary for teaching anatomy and physiology.


Nursing Skills Section

Containing modern manikin, simulators, apparatus, machines, equipment and supplies    which are used for the clinical and practical training.


Nursing Library

This is a well equipped library containing all the books recommended for the Programme syllabus and other relevant references, such as nursing journals, internet and study rooms. The students also have access to the Hospital medical library.


Lecture Hall 

This is well equipped with recent technical audio visual aids.


Services available to students: 

Rest Area – well furnished spacious sitting area and looks over the Student Activities Hall.


Cafeteria – providing a variety of food and hot & cold drinks.


Accommodation –well furnished accommodation is available within five minutes walking distance from the Hospital.


Recreation – students have access to all activities in the Recreation Center equally with the other female Hospital staff. This includes a modern gymnasium containing “state of art” equipment, internet and library facilities. Also there is a female beauty salon available for hairdressing and beauty therapy. Close by is a supermarket all within only a few minutes walking distance from the accommodation. 


Currently there are 30 student nurses with in their first semester and it is planned to continue the intake each year as the Institute establish.    

  Books: The library has a collection of more than 2000 medical books. Books are arranged by subject according to National Library of Medicine (NLM) Classification.

Journals: The library has good collection of journals














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